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Here we go! My plan is to have this all done by March 31st (he says as this is the busiest month he has scheduled along with the release of the Nintendo Switch) So lesbihonest, it'll be done.... eventually, let's see how long it takes for me to beat Breath of the Wild.

In no particular order:

1. :iconkev-weasley: Tristan (Yu Gi Oh)
2. :iconmegamoviemonday: Prince Asad (OC)
3. :iconmr-question-mark: The Avengers (Marvel)
4. :iconquadpen: Young Justice (DC)
5. :iconmanrandomthe: Two Handsome Cops (OC)
6. :icontommah: Quicksilver (X-men: DoFP)
7. :iconanimeshipper123: Sorey (Tales of Zestiria)
8. :iconstravvberry-chan: Gladion (Pokemon)

How am I already halfway there, wooooaaah oh! living on a prayer?


A Special Interview
It annoyed White Rabbit that he could not read a speedster's mind. It was like trying to watch a tv show on 200X fast forward and blaring static. So when it came to a certain greenhorn hero who had some valuable information about a specific half alien asshole who ruined his last deal. He had to take new measures to "interrogate" him...

Finally get to post this picture of :iconquadpen:'s character Eli. I don't get to draw black characters often so I loved this.
... And if You Know You're Going to Fall
"You might want to rename yourself, the Blue Tropical Storm, or Blue Drizzle." White Rabbit mused as coils of rope wound themselves around the hapless floating hero.

"Shut up, you won't get away with this!" Blue Hurricane spat out. The psychic clicked his tongue as a roll of tape levitated towards the struggling hero. With a decisive and swift motion, the tape slapped itself across the hero's face. The Rabbit bit his lip before shifting his hands as the spandex pulled off and tore from Hurricane's chest.

"Might as well set up the stage. You were in a terrible fight." White Rabbit leaned his gloved hand against his brow as his boots are torn away. "Oh the humanity, the hero soundly defeated and humiliated! His uniform torn, his body exposed, vulnerable after a harrowing defeat." With a sigh, Blue Hurricane's body's tightly trussed in a hogtie. He felt the ropes give one last tug, dragging his feet higher up his back.

"Who will find him? Friend? Foe?" White Rabbit waltzed within the alley, his eyes never leaving the hero. "Maybe, someone in between? I'm sure the White Raven and I can make a deal..."

Response/trade piece to :iconalmus612: who did an amazing piece of the White Rabbit and the Blue Hurricane in a fight. Or... a semblance of a fight.  Thanks bud, I really had a lot of fun with this <3

His piece…
Down the Rabbit Hole
A character sheet for my new friend, the elusive White Rabbit.

They say that the White Rabbit has been around for ages as a purveyors of information. You need to know something on the down low? Crawl down the rabbit hole and find your answer. Whether or not you will find it will depend on how much you are willing to pay, and not always in money. 

Our Rabbit is the most recent to take up the mantle of White Rabbit. How did he get the title? The world may never know. He keeps his personal life and identity very secret.

Name: "White Rabbit"
Age: ????
Height: ????
Weight: ????
Powers: Psychic - Telekinesis is his strong suit, it is his version of super strength, he is able to lift up things muuuuch bigger than his physical body.
                           Telepathy is what he uses to gather information, he is capable of reading around 50 minds at once. He always has his telepathy on like a radio.
                            He is also capable of remote viewing and scrying.

Weakness: Heavier the object or more people he is trying to read, it takes a lot of energy to focus. He only has so much energy that he can expend at once and should he over do it, his mind will short circuit and his powers will completely cut off. If you are able to keep his mind distracted, his powers are also greatly weakened.

Personality: He is flamboyant and theatrical, moving with grandiose actions. He is playful, friendly, and usually serves tea with his meetings. His soft voice and mirthful behavior often belies his cunning. Everything he does is well rehearsed to a tee. He always seems to be one step ahead, reading every situation and has a plan for every outcome. Occasionally he will have to improvise, and things are not pretty when he does. He is prone to big shows of power, being a bit of a megalomaniac. Temperamental to a fault, one would be wise to tread lightly around him. Ask too many questions and he may flee. Ask too many wrong questions, he will attack. But what quantifies as a correct question? Honestly, no one knows.

He does have a morals when it comes to humanity. He will never involve civilians, nor will he ever do minor crimes (his pay is too good anyways.) He is not a true villain, nor is he a true hero. He helps them all for the right price. But he is not a slave to the pay, if he finds that he simply does not like the cause, either he will disappear from sight or end things right then and there. 

Trivia: He is at all times covered by a telekinetic shield making it hard to get close to him.
          A bit of a coward, he will run if he knows he it is out of his league.
          His favorite tea is English Earl Grey
          He is a decent piano player, nothing special
          His favorite food is spaghetti
          His alcohol tolerance is laughably low
          The White Rabbit costume has been passed down the generations, altered and changed slightly with each resurrection of the White Rabbit persona. He changed the pants to shorts to show off his cool socks.
          He enjoys banter, but be careful, you may accidentally tell him more than you wish to.
          If he ever lost his mask, the psychic outburst would be catastrophic for anyone in the immediate vicinity, his identity is his most prized possession and he will do anything to keep it hidden.

His design of course is based off Alice and Wonderland and a LITTLE bit of Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman.
He is a bit doughy around his stomach area, he doesn't exercise much.
The armpit hair in the picture was just because I had a local seizure and the lines got really fricked up. May keep it. Idk.
To get in contact with him, you need to find him. I hear if you wander quiet streets at 6 o block is the best time to find him.
Interrogating the White Rabbit
:iconffeettoonn:'s Emerald Fox having his way with the White Rabbit, a new OC of mine. How did they get to this situation? Well, perhaps something may be coming that explains it...

The White Rabbit is neither good or evil. He is a collector of information which he sells off to crime lords, government officials, villains, and heroes alike. It does not matter who he is selling to as long as they have the money to pay or information to exchange.

He can be hard to deal with, prone to dramatics and violent mood swings. Tread lightly not to cross him...

The White Rabbit is a powerful psychic, his ability of telepathy allows him to enter minds and scour his clients/target's mind for information. He is able to collect data through his ability to scry and remote view. All of these make him an effective reconnaissance man. Should you cross the Rabbit, his powers of telekinesis are not to be trifled with. 

With so much power, what is his weakness? His constitution is rather weak and his powers require a great deal of concentration. Hence back to this picture, White Rabbit is unable to focus due to the assault on his soft soles. Emerald Fox better tickle him to exhaustion or else he will be playing dodgeball with concrete flooring as the balls.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to one of the best people I have ever met :iconrose-bound: Treasure your youth, child.

You are probably asleep, or you better be asleep because it's late over there. But cheers to you for putting up with me and my myriad of issues. I hope I can be a better friend to you in the future. Here is to this year being a better year for you as you grow older, maybe a little wiser. That remains to be seen... HEYO.


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